Tasting Room Do's & Don'ts

Now that you have your Liquor On McLeod Alberta Tasting Trail map, I thought it would be a good time to go over some of the do’s and don’ts to make the best most of your experience. The tasting rooms found around our glorious province attract people of all ages and walks of life over the love of all things craft. Now, I believe that most of you will know how to behave in a tasting room, but a refresher course can’t hurt.

Do – Ask a lot of questions. If you want to know what hop makes your IPA juicy, how a sour is made, what is the difference between a brown, a porter and a stout or what is the difference between a vodka and gin. Ask away! Craft producers love talking about their products and sharing their passion.

Don’t – Ask too many questions if there as a long line up or a packed bar. I know you would like to learn more about the products and process; but try to save the small talk for quieter times.


Do – Ask for a sample. It is ok to be hesitant about ordering a new beer style or an imperial IPA with triple digit IBU’s. Tasting room staff are always happy to give you a sip or two so that you can order a beer you will enjoy.

Do -  Bring your children. Most tasting rooms are kid friendly and many of them have toys and activities to keep the little ones occupied.

Don’t -  Let your little ones run wild. Be mindful of their volume and temperament. If a meltdown comes on, it is time to leave.


Do – Wash your growler! If you are anything like me, you have a number of growlers sitting around collecting dust.  If you remember to grab one before heading to a tasting room, make sure it is clean. If you don’t, please don’t get mad at the staff for not filling it. They want you to have the best product possible and a crusty old growler just won’t do.


Don’t – Get wasted! Tasting rooms are about community and conversation, so please imbibe responsibly.

Don’t – Drink and drive, enjoy yourself, make new friends, but make sure you have a safe way home.

Do – Tip your server! One might think everyone in the craft industry is getting rich, but you would be wrong, very very wrong.


- The Well Heeled Libationist