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I was once asked what I knew about wine and I said, “It comes in red, white, pink and it some times sparkles”.

I thought today, with the sun beating down on me, it would be a good day to learn about Rosé wines, something I know very little about, other than they bridge the color gap between red and white.

Rosé occurs when the skins of red grapes “kiss” white wine. It could be a short kiss or a long kiss, this is up to the wine maker. The longer the grape skins stain the white wine the darker the color becomes, hence the variation from light pink to a deep rosy blush.


The primary flavors found in Rosé are red fruit, citrus, melons and flowers. Some can slightly pull crisp green flavors, think celery or rhubarb.

Since Rosés vary in color and flavor they pair well with a variety of food. Fruity, light and medium Rosés pair well with seafood, salads, goat cheese and warm sunny weather. Full bodied Rosés are the perfect compliment to bar-b-que and spicy curries.

One of the best parts of exploring the world of Rosé is the price point, it varies as much as the color and flavor profiles.

Next time you are looking for a bottle of wine, don’t forget to Think Pink!


Welcome to Libation Learnings

All things in the world of libations will be explored from the basics of food pairings, flavor profiles, cocktails, do’s and don’ts and so much more.

Our learnings will take us to the United Kingdom to explore Scotch, Irish Whiskey and London Dry Gin. From there we may head over to Germany and Belgium to learn about monks making beer and the variety of truly European beers. Our educational journey may see us traipse through France and Italy to learn more about Champagne and the wines stomped out in these regions.

We could find ourselves in South Africa, where the first bottle of wine was produced in 1659. By the way, hops are even being grown there. Speaking of hops, we could head even further south to find out why New Zealand hops are da bomb. They also make wine down under.

South America holds many wine soaked secrets, ready to be told. We will tumble a little further north to the lands of sweet rums and spicy tequilas (which pair very nicely with cheese).

North America holds many libation lessons from Bourbon, Canadian whisky, single malt whisky, craft beer, small batch spirits and wine, oh, so much wine.

I will be learning right beside you and it is going to be one heck of a journey.

- The Well Heeled Libationist