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Hops and Vines - August

Although the weather has been unsettled and changeable, it is still summer so let’s take advantage of the warm days while they last. Come in and chat with us about new and exciting beers, wines, and coolers. At this time, we have no major events planned until Fall, so watch for our newsletter at the beginning of September with a calendar of upcoming events, including the Parkland Food Bank fundraiser, “Corks and Kegs”.

Terry’s Tastings – It’s All About the Taste

Summer Sippers/Patio Wines: We of course, drink all styles of wine all year round, but there are some that seem to taste better on a warm evening on the deck. While sitting outside with family and friends on a warm summer day, a cool, crisp Rose is a great accompaniment to conversation. Originally produced and enjoyed in southern France, roses now come from winemaking regions around the world. Excellent on their own or with appetizers, they also pair well with salads and lighter dishes of seafood and poultry.

Here are some dry Roses you may want to try:

AIX Rose – France     $21.25 Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault, and Carignan –Floral aromas with strawberry and watermelon; flavours of strawberry and red currant.

Pino Cellars Rose of Pinot Noir – Oregon     $27.25 Pinot Noir – Aromas and flavours of strawberry, cranberry, and raspberry with a long, crisp finish.

Oyster Bay Rose – New Zealand       $18.65 Pinot Noir – Strawberry, cherry, and a hint of citrus.

In-Store Tastings:

August 25 – Eau Claire Gin and Ready to drink

August 30 – AVA Grace Chardonnay and Merlot

August 31 – Craft Importers – a variety of European Beers

September 8 – Shady Lane Wine & West of the 5th Whisky

September 1 – Founder’s Brewing Company

October 6 – Two Brewers Single Malt Whisky

Craft Corner

I hate to say this but, summer is drawing to a close this means two things; for coffee drinkers pumpkin spice season is drawing near and dark beers are reappearing.  The craft selection will be "darkening" over the next few weeks and before that happens stock up on your favorite summer brews before they go into hibernation. 

A new IPA trend has hit the market, Brut IPAs. What is a Brut IPA you ask? The Brut IPA borrows its name from the wine world; in champagne, Brut means very dry.  These brews are pale, bone dry and highly effervescent. In short, it’s as close to champagne as an IPA can get; and it’s nothing like the fruity, hazy, creamy IPAs that currently dominate the market. Currently we have two examples of this trend, Chateau D'Outcast from Outcast Brewing and Station to Station a Dandy Brewing collaborative with Blood Brothers Brewing. Coming soon with be Russell Brewing's version.

I am in the planning stages for this year's Alberta Beer Week events, check our Facebook page and Website for more details.


Terry & Shelly